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Obey Speed


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Cottage Renter & Guest:

Here are a few reminders concerning renting in our community:

  • Quiet hours

    • 12:00 AM - 8:00 AM​

  • Speed Limit

    • 9MPH Throughout​​​

    • Please drive accordingly, this is a family-friendly community and we want everyone to be safe.

  • Beach & Boat Ramp

    • Unguarded, please use caution especially in rough waters, and be on the lookout for boat launch traffic​.

    • If using a watercraft, use a no-wake speed near swimming areas and watch for other traffic and swimmers.​

  • Pets

    • Must be on a leash when walking in any common area​

    • You must clean up after your pet

  • Trespassing

    • Do not use a neighbor's steps to go to the beach, use common areas for beach access. Using a neighbor's steps in considered trespassing.​

  • Cottage Reminders​​

    • Cottages are not child-proofed​

    • Kitchens are equipped with the bare basics

  • Please make sure to have Cottage Owner's contact information handy

Cleanup After Pets


Quiet Hours

Firework Guidelines:

Expectations for residents and guests of Summer City regarding fireworks:

  • PA State Law

    • Compliance with and adherence to all lows of the State of Pennsylvania is required.

  • Notify!

    • To be sensitive to the needs of all members of our community, please post your firework intentions on our designated community forum page.

      • Please include the date and time you plan to discharge fireworks.​​

    • You can create your post HERE

  • Firework Discharge Time

    • Fireworks shall not be discharged after 10:00 PM

  • Clean Up

    • Any garbage created by fireworks must be cleaned up immediately following the use of fireworks.​

  • Use In Designated Areas

    • No fireworks shall be discharged from any road surfaces, woods, or yards within the community.​

    • Limit use to concrete areas that are adjacent to the water.

  • Think Before Lighting

    • If wind is present, do not use fireworks.​

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