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Summer City Radio EXCITING Update!:

Summer City Radio now has a backup power supply! What does that mean? When Erie decides to have it's 2 minute power outages, the station will NOT go offline! In fact, it will stay online during the power outage so you can continue to listen through your FM radio! This will also improve station reliability through the roof! For more info, contact the station administrator!


FM Frequency: 88.7

Online broadcast can be accessed via summer city radio page here!

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Summer City Radio

88.7 SCR FM

Tune into the private music system for the residents of Summer City! A fully automated radio station you can tune into from any FM device, or online with your smartphone, tablet, or computer!

Listen to some rock or country while out at the fire making s'mores or some pop and reggae while playing a game of cards or swimming down at the beach!

With live weather updates and limitted interruptions, enjoy the perfect mix of music for almost any mood!

Listen to SCR FM online, anytime, anywhere! For more info visit the Radio station's page on this site!

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